Elevator Speeches, Part 3: Distinguish Yourself & Get Remembered


Would you like to deliver an elevator speech that sets you apart and helps you get remembered?  Your elevator speech can distinguish you when you apply the following three strategies.

1:  Create an element of suspense.
When you’re satisfied that you have addressed the basics in writing your elevator speech, 
add a bit of expense:  postpone telling your listeners how you do what you do.  You want you listeners to ask questions, so that a conversation will develop.  Your objective should be to intrigue your listeners, so add a bit of mystery.  Talk about the benefits you provide and don’t tell listeners how you do what you do, until they ask.

2:   Provide a short, memorable phrase that can be quoted about you.
Include a phrase that will be easy for your listeners to remember and repeat when they speak about you with others.  They themselves will be helping help you carry your message.  One way to do this is with alliteration:  repetition of an initial sound, usually in two or more words of a phrase.  If you listen to this VideoBlog, you’ll hear me do it.  I say that I work with leaders who want to develop power speaking:  to be more persuasive, productive, and profitable.  The repetition of the /p/ sound in the final phrase makes it easy to remember and easy to repeat.  Try this technique with your own content.

3:  View your elevator speech as a work in progress!
Crafting an effective elevator speech is a process.  This means that you should always be fine-tuning and editing, depending upon the responses you are getting from people.  Does your elevator speech motivate listeners to ask questions?  Does it generate conversation?  If not, you may need to revise.   And remember that, as your business grows and changes, you’ll want to continue fine-tuning your elevator speech, to remain current and effective. 

Follow these steps, and you will be well on your way to delivering an elevator speech that sets you apart, generates conversation, and helps you get remembered.


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