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Conversation With Prospects: Position Yourself as an Expert

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

In my last videoBlog, I shared strategies to help you enhance your credibility and engage your listeners during the conversation that happens after you have delivered your elevator speech.

Here is a strategy to position yourself and your company as experts.

Focus on the human element:  talk about who you and your team are as human beings.  Your initial, face-to-face conversation with a prospect is the ideal time to be personable —  and project authenticity, approachability, and dedication to customer and client service.

Focusing on the human element is very wise, because it changes the focus of the conversation.  You are no longer speaking about your products or services; now you’re speaking about the way you and your team care; the way you behave on a human level.

For example, you might say something like this:  “We’re people who pay close attention whenever our clients speak.”    Or this:  “We’re people who are passionate about every assignment.”

This strategy positions you on the same side as your listener.  On the other side are

  1. all your competitors who don’t pay close attention to their clients: who put their own interests ahead of those of the client or customer
  2. all your competitors who are not passionate — who view certain projects only as a cash cow.

When you are speaking with people who have had a negative experience purchasing a product or service in your category, they might appreciate your focus on the human element.  When you say that you pay close attention to your clients, your listeners might find that refreshing; they might even chuckle.  Then you’ll have them engaged, and that’s really the whole point.  Because engagement is a very important element in relationship-building.

So, use this strategy.  Focus on the human element, and you will be on your way to conversations that position you and your organization as experts and generate more conversation that can lead to sales.