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PowerPoint Presentation Tips: How to Keep Your Audience Tuned IN! (Part 3)

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

When you use PowerPoint, are you actually diminishing your image as an expert – or even helping your audiences tune you out?  If your answer may be YES, you need PowerPoint Presentation Tips for real speaking power.

Today’s VideoBlog gives you the solutions:  PowerPoint Presentation Tips, Part 3.   In previous blogs, I presented Tips #1 through 6.

  • Tip #7:  At any point in your presentation where you plan to move close to your audience for dramatic effect, help focus audience attention by placing a black slide in your deck.
  • Tip #8:  When you want to focus attention on yourself for a longer period of time, allow the screen to go completely dark. Use the “B” key for this.
  • Tip #9:  Always make your final slide an image slide:  this image should illustrate the inspirational closing that you will speak. 

Finally, Tip #10:  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  Don’t make PowerPoint your higher power. Allow PowerPoint to support you, and not the other way around.

When you use these strategies with PowerPoint, you’ll project your own unique power.  You’ll enhance your image as an expert and your listeners will quickly realize that they cannot afford to tune you out.    You’ll have them on the edge of their seats!

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Avoid “Death by Power Point” (How to Engage with Power Point; Part 2)

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017


You’ve probably heard the phrase “death by Power Point”, but do you really know how to keep your business audiences alive and riveted to your message?

Today’s Videoblog is Part 2 of my Top Ten tips for using Power Point to “take stage”:  capture the attention of your business audiences and keep them engaged.  In Part 1, I talked about my first three tips for using Power Point seamlessly.  Here are tips 4-6:

Tip #4

When you give a presentation with PowerPoint, take the position of power; that’s usually front and center.  Whenever possible, let the projection screen be on your left or right, rather than behind you.  If the configuration of the room allows it, you should be in a more prominent position than the projection screen!

Tip #5

If you are the one who will be changing the slides, situate the laptop downstage of your body (that’s toward the audience) – and a bit to your left or right.  This allows you to maintain as much eye contact as possibly while you are using the keypad.  It also allows the audience to receive the fullest view of you.

Tip #6

Never read aloud from your slides.  Instead, pass your eyes over the slide briefly, to gather the content.  Then, turn to your audience and pause; pause to make genuine eye contact with your audience before you begin speaking.  The pause is very important; it helps ensure that you will take  the time to make good eye contact before and while you speak.

Include these strategies when you present with PowerPoint, so that you’ll be able to “take stage”:  capture the attention of your business audiences and keep them riveted to your message!