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Make Your Stakeholders View You in the Best Light When You Work Remotely On Camera

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

Good lighting is critical when you work on camera. So critical, that many film actors learn about how their own faces should be lit, to show their features to the greatest advantage. And cinematographers often refer to something called the “golden hours”, when natural lighting is best for the camera: sunrise and sunset.

While you can’t hold all your remote business meetings during the golden hours, and you probably don’t have all the concerns that film actors have, there is a lot you CAN do to ensure that your lighting enhances your leadership presence on camera.

Always be sure that there’s enough light on your face. Too much light will make you look washed out, and too little light is frustrating for the viewers and may encourage them to start putting their attention elsewhere.
If you can face a window while you’re on camera, that’s optimal, as long as you’re not in direct sunlight. If the sun comes pouring in, lower your blinds or shades and adjust them before each meeting. If there’s still too much light, using a green screen will help.
Be sure that you’re never lit from the back, because that will cast dark shadows across your face or make your whole image too dark.

You may want to purchase a ring light, or use lamps. Experiment with your lighting.

Plan what will work best in your space and test it in advance. Ask a friend or trusted colleague to view your lighting while you’re on camera and give you feedback.

Good lighting is fundamental to looking good on camera. It will help you project your professionalism and enhance your leadership presence.