Leading Remotely: On-Camera Techniques to Get the Buy-in You Need

Leading Remotely:
On-Camera Techniques to Get the Buy-in You Need

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With your move from in-person business meetings to on-camera, remote platforms, your adjustment is similar to the adjustment that Broadway actors make when moving from stage work to working on camera for TV and film:  how to be convincing in a very different medium.  You know, for example, that every actor and spokesperson on a TV commercial has to project the qualities that are needed to sell any idea, product, or service through a television screen.

These are the same qualities that you, as a leader, need to project in your on-camera meetings during this time of business disruption.  Now you’re on TV, so you need to look the part and sound the part!

In this program, “Leading Remotely:  On-Camera Techniques to Get the Buy-in You Need”, you will learn strategies to exercise your emotional intelligence and influence your stakeholders on camera:  how to enhance your visual and vocal impact to get the buy-in you need:

  • Camera and lighting setup
  • Position and posture
  • Eye focus, facial expressions, and gestures
  • Dressing for the camera
  • Use of visuals/PowerPoint
  • Sound quality
  • Using the voice to build trust and project empathy
  • Maintaining an emotional connection with stakeholders

This program is highly interactive and can be custom-designed to meet the needs of your team.  For more information, please contact maria@successfulspeakerinc.com or 718-884-2282.

Maria’s clients include leaders at JPMorgan Chase, McKinsey & Co., PricewaterhouseCoopers, Johnson & Johnson, and Morgan Stanley.  With her experience as an actor on Broadway, TV, and film (with Paul Newman, James Earl Jones, and Kevin Kline), she worked on camera for many years in front of thousands of viewers and specializes in influencing techniques that build confidence, emotional intelligence, empathy, and trust in the corporate world – especially during a time of business disruption and working remotely.  Maria’s work has included principle roles on As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Saturday Night Live, and dozens of national TV commercials.

Here is a brief sampling of the content you’ll experience in Leading Remotely: On-Camera Techniques to Get the Buy-in You Need.

May you be a successful speaker!


Camera Setup


Eye Focus

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